New Generation Engine Restoration DVD

Two Disk Set!

Learn everything you need to know to confidently restore John Deere New Generation Engines. Watch as Harvey Hamilton of Tired Iron Restoration guides you through a complete engine rebuild of a John Deere 3010 Diesel.

• Filmed in HD.

• Over 7 hours of content.

• Perfect visual companion to the technical manual.

• Includes engine diagnosis, inspection andrepair of every component, and step by step disassembly and reassembly.

• Advanced principles apply to other tractors including the 3020, 4010 and 4020.

Follow behind the scenes to Barry's Quality Machine to see the machining process and to Diesel Fuel Injection Service to see a pump calibrated. Know what to expect and what to ask when you ship your components.


$59.95 - U.S.
$59.95 - Canada
$65.95 - Foreign

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